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Elizabeth May » Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May

Kindergarten Teacher

Learning begins at birth and continues throughout life. Learning can be lots of fun! Enjoy this special time with your children!


Kindergarten is so exciting! It is the first place we learn to read, write, draw, and follow a set of school rules. Practice at home is very important, as well. Plus the children are excited to share what they are learning with their families. Communication from parents/guardians is essential. Please feel free to write a note, in your child's daily folder, if you have any questions, or changes in drop offs, or dismissals. This is the best way to keep in touch since we check folders each day in the morning. You may also e-mail me if you need any other information
  • AFA Paier College of Art, Hamden, CT (Professional Photographer)
  • BS   Bachelor of Science, University of Bridgeport, CT (concentration in Psychology and Sociology
  • MS   Elementary Education, University of Bridgeport, CT 
Years of Experience
I have been teaching in the Naugatuck School system since 2009.
I love our town, which I grew up in, its sense of community, family, and unity.
Naugatuck is a very rewarding place to work with very loving teachers, administrators, and leaders. I love being here!
A Few of My Favorite Things
  • Helping children learn new things and watching the joy in their eyes as they grow
  • Photographing life's precious moments
  • Giving care to my family members who cared for me as I grew
  • Doing all I can to show kindness to others and hoping others respond with the same kindness, making our world a better place to be.
  • Drawing, painting, seeing color in a whole new light
  • Being outdoors and taking in the scenery
  • Music (my parents taught me that music fills your heart, makes you happy, and connects you to others)
A Fun Fact About Me
I like to smile as much as possible, sing, dance, learn new things everyday. I love learning about things that expand my world. I like to share these things with others and to learn from their experiences as well.