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Maple HillElementary School

Step Up Day!

We are anticipating some changes in personnel and, in fairness to all, have altered our plans for Step Up Day. Step Up Day will still be held on Monday, June 10th. However, students from each grade level will meet with all of the teachers in their new grade level instead of with their specific teacher for next year. Out of district students and students moving, as well as our fourth grade students, will be participating in a special activity with our Specials teachers during Step Up.
Students will learn who their next year's teacher is in a letter that is mailed by the office no later than August 21st. This information will not be available prior to this date. Information regarding student placement will not be available by phone or e-mail. No lists will be posted.
Suggested supply lists for the upcoming school year will be included in report card envelopes so that parents and guardians can take advantage of Back to School sales. 
Notices were sent home in the beginning of April that requests for special placement considerations were due by April 23rd, and, unfortunately, we will not be accepting additional requests. 
We ask that parents/gaurdians keep their child's report card in a safe place as many organizations and clubs need copies of these report cards upon registration and the office may not be able to provide copies in a timely manner over the summer. 
(This information was also sent home as a notice on Wednesday, June 5th.)